Take on more than you can handle

The last few weeks of my life have been complete chaos; I was busy running both of my businesses, preparing to appear on national television and hosting a Mother’s Day event (I have a newfound respect for event planners). There were quiet moments—between panicking and running errands—when I thought, I don’t think I can accomplish all this; I just don’t think I have it in me.

When I felt overwhelmed I shed a few tears out of frustration and when I was beyond the point of exhaustion I would tell myself, just a few more days and it’ll be over!

Out of desperation I continuously reminded myself of this: if you don’t take on more than you can handle you will never know your potential. Yes, it is a lot of pressure and extremely stressful, but these are the times we learn and grow the most. These are the things that set apart the good from the great. Whether you have a business, write a blog or workout religiously, you need to push yourself beyond your perceived limits so that you can prove to yourself (not anyone else) that you can do more, be better and achieve anything.

Most people tend to focus on what they are already good at; it’s human nature. We take on projects and even date people we know won’t challenge us—we walk a very safe line to avoid making mistakes or feeling rejected. Take on a person or project that gives you a little bit of anxiety, start something you know nothing about, do something you’re NOT good at to prove to yourself you can be good at anything if you relentlessly try. I love the phrase ‘you only live once’—not because Drake promotes it like it’s his job (well maybe a little)—but because it’s the simple truth, you have one chance to do all the crazy things you dream about so go out and DO IT. If you’ve got too much on your plate take a moment and be thankful for the opportunity to grow—most people never step foot outside of what they know and what they believe—don’t be most people.