Black Sheep

We live in a society where our voices can be heard by the masses. Where our ideas can be manifested and thrive on ambition, determination and hard work. In this world inequality can be conquered, handicaps can be overcome and careers can shift from art to science over night. This is our gift and our curse. We have been given the rare opportunity to choose multiple paths yet end up at the same destination. That destination is success; how you choose to define the word is of no concern to me, but whatever your definition, there are many doors waiting to be opened by you.

Yet many of these doors remain untouched. It seems as though the more options we are given, the more paralyzed we become. And time continues to tick, not having a care in the world. So we wait, and ponder and think and plan and draw mind maps and hold meetings and confide in family and close friends until one our very ideas are plastered on a massive billboard; a sinking feeling follows and the only words one can formulate are, “I thought of that.”

“That was my idea. If only I had…” If only you had let go of your conformist hold on how one should execute an idea. If only you had broken a few rules. If only you had taken a few risks and ignored a few people and sprung into action. If only.

And therein lies the problem; that we are taught to be afraid. We are forced to believe that there is a wrong and a right way to do everything, some sort of chronological order or a formula. Great results come from brilliant people who choose to stray from the conventional path. People who don’t always listen. People who refuse to wait, to accommodate and cooperate. People who choose not to conform.

I have found on my journey thus far that everyone who’s anyone will have something to say about what you should do and how you should do it. None of them are necessarily wrong, or right. But they are influential, or at least they try to be. Allow the influence of those around you to motivate you to do what YOU believe is right. Anyone who’s aim is to help you will only guide you by sharing their unique experiences and wisdom so that perhaps you can avoid some of the obstacles they have faced and make fewer mistakes. But those who consciously (or subconsciously) try to deter you from following what you believe is the right path and tell you what you should be doing instead, don’t have much experience with nonconformity. Anyone who’s done something extraordinary with his or her life will tell you to follow your gut, after all, most of the individuals that have shaped our world and changed the way we think and live have at some point in their lives been called crazy.

In my opinion, being called crazy for having ‘unrealistic’ ideas and goals is a compliment. In a world where possibilities are endless, you’d be fool to listen to those who continuously limit their own potential.