Gone too soon

Watching “This is It” last night was an almost surreal experience. I went in not knowing what to expect and left feeling incredibly inspired, but terribly sad. I’m trying to find the perfect words to describe Michael, but every time I come up with a list of adjectives, I feel that I’ve fallen short. I know people have mixed feelings about him (and I don’t particularly care), but no one can deny his brilliance, not even the skeptics. The media portrayed Michael as a shy, weak and crazy man time and time again, but in this documentary I saw a side of Michael that put the media to shame.
When you see Michael in this documentary, you don’t see the black man that turned white, you don’t see the ‘weirdo’ or the plastic surgery. You see Michael, a powerful and compassionate genius. Michael was a perfectionist; he knew what he wanted and how he wanted it done to the most microscopic detail. It is amazing to watch him manifest his vision until it is simply flawless. And while I watched I realized that this is why he is brilliant, because he puts an immeasurable amount of emotional, mental and physical effort into his work. Michael never settled for good enough, he wanted his work to be perfect and everyone around him respected and loved him for that. His presence was larger than life; you could feel it even while watching him on screen. He was a star…there really is no other way to describe him.