86158126Possibility. Essentially the ability to do to be to foresee. To rearrange the current circumstances into something more favorable. The desire and drive to inspire to make a difference to act. To become the individual you envision. Believing in the realization of imagination. Grabbing moments and opportunities with a relentlessness that even surprises you. Entering a belief system that is unbreakable, despite the odds. Becoming strangely comfortable with nonconformity. Possibility. Changing your perspective to align your dreams with your life. The need and want of something more bigger better greater. The slow crawl walk run leap to success and achievement.

I lay in bed last night thinking of how much my life has changed in that past few months and began to wonder how it all came to be, how such drastic alteration was implemented with seamless execution. The answer is so simple it is almost unbelievable. A shift in perspective and believing that all things no matter how tangible or unattainable are absolutely and completely possible. I used to say this some time ago when I regiliously read ‘self-help’ books in an attempt to figure out what to do with my life and how to change my circumstances. But today, as I write this, I can truly say that I’m living proof that anything is possible, life can turn from black to white in a matter of months weeks days moments. It’s so incredibly difficult to stress this point without over dramatizing it, but this is really the only way I can explain it.

Take it from me…

Whatever you dream of, even those things you think are impossible, put in the efforts (both mentally and physically) in order to make it happen. Soon you will realize there is nothing out of your reach, nothing physical, mental or emotional that you can’t attain. Everything you imagine can be realized with genuine belief, unmatched effort and endearing persistence. Want what you want badly enough that the option of not having it simply does not exist.