Something Doesn’t Feel Right

So, I was being a little over ambitious at the beginning of the year and decided to take on a challenge every month. And when I say a challenge, I mean things I… Continue reading

Baking 101: Almost an Epic Fail

So in January I decided it would be so much fun to take on a 12-month challenge where every month I focus on a new and exciting challenge and then blog about it.… Continue reading

12-Month Challenge – Endings and Beginnings – Part II

Last week I wrote a post highlighting lessons I learned in 2012—the ending of one chapter always signifies the beginning of a new one so I’ve decided to take on a personal challenge… Continue reading

Endings and Beginnings – Part I

I can’t believe it’s 2013—I’m still in shock and have decided to spend the next few days preparing for the New Year (cleaning, organizing, planning, avoiding reality etc.)—I realize it’s January 3rd but… Continue reading

What it takes to be an entrepreneur

So you wanna launch something? Have you got a revolutionary idea, an incredible product or an amazing service the world just HAS to experience? Of course you do, you’re totally awesome. Now let’s… Continue reading

Entrepreneur Etiquette

So being an entrepreneur I meet and hang out with other entrepreneurs and I just can’t help but notice how incredibly irritating we can be sometimes. The reality is that the average person… Continue reading

The Orphan

Last night I had a dream about a troubled orphan I met on the street—except when I met him I didn’t know he was an orphan. In fact, when I met him I… Continue reading

Picking up the pieces

Sometimes when everything falls apart you can finally see things you never noticed before; like how your parents are just human—filled with flaws and good intentions. You see people’s fears, their vulnerabilities, and… Continue reading

Rule of 5

I love lists; grocery lists, bucket lists, to-do lists, why-we-should-never-date-again lists—the list goes on. I function better when I put things down on paper, in point form and break down my ideas, goals… Continue reading

How to conquer your worst enemy

They teach you a lot of things in school—like how to add numbers and write a cohesive essay. Unfortunately, what they DON’T teach you in school is real life skills; I guess they… Continue reading